Open thread, 10/5, ALDS sweepstakes

So are the Tigers the new Braves? Solid line-up, outstanding starting pitching and a suspect bullpen. Check. I think they’ll win today, though, behind a sterling effort by David Price.

Kansas City is at home, with (Not So) Big Game James on the mound. Shields has a 5.26 ERA in 7 postseason starts, so he oughta feel lucky his name isn’t Homer. But I suspect he lives up to the moniker against the Angels, giving the Royals an unlikely sweep.

A Kansas City/Baltimore LCS would be interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which will be the battle of the skippers. Buck Showalter may be baseball’s best manager. Ned Yost is among it’s worst. We’ll see how much that matters.



One thought on “Open thread, 10/5, ALDS sweepstakes

  1. Well, the Tigers did acquire most of the Rangers’ bullpen, so what did you expect? Wish they’d offered us Fister for a heap of nothing.

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