Open thread, NL Wild Card

No way this game will upstage last night’s, but it should be pretty good. I correctly picked the Royals to win by a run last night and it was 3-2 in the 3rd.

Bucs 4, Gints 2



2 thoughts on “Open thread, NL Wild Card

  1. This game was quite a let down after the night before. Once Crawford hit that grand slam things went downhill quickly for the Bucs. I was hoping that they’d be able to make a deep playoff run this year…now I could care less about any of the NL teams left.

  2. I can still root against the Natspos and the Dodgers. I don’t especially dislike the Cardinals or the Giants, whereas I loathe the other two. Which probably means a Washington-L.A. matchup inthe NLCS. (In which case I’d be rooting for the A.L. champ in the World Series.)

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