Open thread, 9/28, #Braves vs. the Curtain Call

Always sad to see a season end, but is anyone sorry to see 2014 go? Hell, the offseason will be much more interesting than these last few weeks have been. Let’s hope it’s not as frustrating.

And now, back to our recurring series: Damn, Chris Johnson sucks! 

If someone’s willing to do the research I’d love to know how many batters have struck out more than 150 times while walking less than 25. Chris Johnson has 158 Ks and 23 walks. As noted in our last post, he rarely works deep counts and is a defensive liability. You could argue he’s been worse than B.K. this season — they have the same offensive WAR while C.K. has the lower defensive WAR (-1.3 to -1.1) .

And, thanks to Frank Wren, Johnson is guaranteed another $22.5 million from the Braves.

So he’s likely to be back. Here’s the players who might not be:

Gattis, J. Upton, B.J. Upton, Santana, Harang, Laird, Doumit, Jay Hey

Of course,trading B.J. won’t be easy. According to Jayson Stark, Bossman Junior is the first player EVER to have consecutive seasons with more than 150 whiffs, fewer than 15 home runs and a batting average under .210. He’s hitting .152 against relief pitchers (with 58 strikeouts, 23 hits) this year, .131 in what describes as “high-leverage” situations, .182 after the sixth inning (with 50 K, 26 H), .149 after the sixth inning of close games, .140 with runners in scoring position and two outs, and .110 once the count reaches two strikes (with 171 punchouts and 30 hits).


6 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/28, #Braves vs. the Curtain Call

  1. I actually shivered when I read the statistical synopsis of M. Upton’s futility.

    I think either J. Upton or Heyward is gone. It will be an either/or and I think J. Upton is the one who will be traded. We could get a haul for him, but that haul will likely be younger guys so the W/L will likely suffer. Don’t know if that’s the right move or not.

    As I said in another thread, Wren’s extension of Johnson basically makes him unmovable, so he’s back or he’s dead money. And I suppose Frank is still scratching his head wondering why he was let go.

  2. If we end up losing Heyward to keep J. Upton, I’ll like Upton even less. And I already detest him.

  3. Question: When was the last time you witnessed the Braves win a game in their last game of the season.

    Okay, Here are the Results since 1991:

    Folks, today was a rarity:
    1991 L
    1992 L
    1993 L
    1994 W
    1995 L
    1996 L
    1997 L
    1998 L
    1999 L
    2000 L
    2001 L
    2002 L
    2003 L
    2004 L
    2005 L
    2006 W
    2007 L
    2008 L
    2009 L
    2010 L
    2011 L
    2012 L
    2013 L
    2014 W


    WINS – 3 TIMES!!
    LOSSES – 21 TIMES!!!

  4. Being the 2014 Braves, even on the day they got a rare series win, they went nine full innings without a hit.

  5. To be fair, a lot of those seasons the Braves were in the playoffs and had already clinched their seed, so I’m sure the lineups were built for resting starters. I think only 1993 and 2011 were final games that meant anything?

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