One stat that deserves more attention

Coming into this weekend, Chris Johnson has only six plate appearances with a 3-o count. Six. He’s worked a 2-0 count just 14 times. Conversely, he has 75 plate appearances when the count is 0-and-2 and 115 1-2 counts. In 2013, Johnson had 11 3-0 counts, 18 2-0 counts, 57 0-2 counts and 83 1-2 counts.

So that’s 50 more plate appearances with an 0-2 or 1-2 count this year and 19 fewer plate appearances with a 3-0 or 2-0 count.

In 2014, Freddie Freeman faced a 0-2 count 36 less times than CJ and had 40 fewer 1-2 counts. He’s worked more than twice as many 3-0 counts and a third as many 2-0 counts.

Is there a better explanation for why Johnson sucked this year?


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  1. roadrunner48 says:

    He wasn’t particularly good last year, either. He’s a guy with no power, strikes out a mind boggling 150 times, can’t run, can’t field, and throws bush league temper tantrums. The only thing he seems to do that’s positive is that he’s willing to talk to the press after games, something the rest of these churlish losers try to avoid.

    Count me as someone who thinks that Diamondbacks trade sucked. I miss Prado.

  2. Caz says:

    I agree Roadrunner, Prado could have provided the leadership that this team so desperately needs. And even though his offensive numbers aren’t quite what Justin’s are, his lack of strikeouts and ability to make contact could have surely translated into better results for us.

  3. Tokyokie says:

    And here’s another interesting stat: Unless the Braves win BOTH their remaining games this season, they will post the worst post-August record of any National League team since World War II other than the Pirates in 1952 (4-8 or .182) and 1998 (5-22 or .185). Needless to say, neither of those Pirates teams were tied for first place at the all-star break.

    I’d research before 1946, but what I found was depressing enough.

  4. cleteboyerfan says:

    Wren signed this guy to a three year extension. THREE YEARS?!? He should’ve been fired just for that alone.

  5. charlesad says:

    I love Prado, but Justin’s OPS is 100 points higher and he has nearly double Martin’s RBIs. Johnson was very good last year. Delgado’s done nothing. That was not a bad trade.

  6. BrandX says:

    I would be curious on the count data if it showed whether Johnson got into those holes by taking strikes, swinging-and-missing, or fouling off a pitches. It has been pointed out to me that the Braves lead all of baseball in swinging-and-missing at pitches in the strike zone. That being the case, patience–although still warranted–takes on a tad lesser importance.

    Johnson is not a good investment. I think the extension was unwarranted because it makes him less movable. We get practically nothing for him now and if no one else wants him, we’ve got a another pile–albeit smaller–of dead money.

    I love Prado, but if it takes Prado to get Justin Upton, you make that trade every time. In retrospect, if we could have kept Drury and not taken on Johnson, it may have been to our advantage. Of course, Drury has the looks of a free swinger as well.

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