Open Thread, Sept. 26, #Braves vs. Whatever


As the team continues playing out the string, here’s an interesting nugget from Bowman:

While a majority of the Braves’ players seem to get along with Gonzalez, some have questioned his lineup construction and strategic moves. Though this is likely the case in most Major League clubhouses, there is at least some reason to wonder if the clubhouse culture is different next year, when the Braves are under the direction of a new general manager.

I’m not convinced Fredi will be back. I’m also not convinced that a new GM will affect the culture as much as a new manager would. I suppose if a new GM changes the roster enough it would alter the vibe in the clubhouse. I don’t have a prescription for the Braves’ ills. Obviously we need to dump BK and ideally make other moves to add two or three hitters who make contact and get on base more than 29 percent of the time.

Off the field, I do have specific recommendations. Shake up the broadcasting and pre-game show crew. I love Lemmer as a Brave, but as a studio or in-game analyst….I’d prefer silence. I heard Lemmer tell a funny story a year or two back about his only inside-the-park homer: a minor league outfielder ran into a light post and was knocked cold, allowing Lemke to circle the bases. That’s about the only interesting thing he’s ever said on the radio. Boot Powell. The guy knows and loves the game, but as we’ve said numerous time, he’s a corporate yes man.

I hate to say this, but lose Glavine. I love Tommy G. He’s among my all-time favorite Braves. He’s  franchise icon. But he’s dull in the booth.

Ben Ingram offers little. Ditto Kevin McAlpin, the guy from 680 the Fan, and Buck Belue. They’re probably all nice guys, but let’s hear something remotely interesting once a week or so.

Sutton’s done. He and Powell enable each other’s worst habits.

Give us more Smoltzie. Put Brian Jordan in the booth. If Chipper doesn’t want to be the hitting coach, ask him to do color on some games. I heard more insight from him in a 10-minute radio interview yesterday than I’ve heard from Lemke in the past three years. (Again, sorry Lemmer. I really do treasure what you did for our beloved Bravos.)

Moving on. Tonight’s lineup: Gosselin 6, Pena, 4, Freeman, Justin, J-Hey, Bethancourt, Johnson, BK (who is closing in on the top 100 all-time in strikeouts He’s 103rd, one behind Ron Santo and six behind Rafael Palmeiro), and Santana.



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  1. Jack Straw says:

    I concur with all of that except for Sutton. I enjoy him a lot. He reminds me a little of Ernie Johnson; he understands the game and he never talks down to his audience.
    Successful managers who tinker with their lineup can weather the clubhouse bitching. Casey Stengel was an asshole to most of his players but the sportswriters loved him so the sniping never surfaced in the papers. Earl Weaver was a tinkerer, too. But the blame for lineup changes belongs to the players who necessitated them by not performing. That’s no defense of Fredi.

  2. Salazr2 says:

    That’s why I like Bowman. If you read between the lines you can tell what is actually going on with the team.

    I liked the year we had Boog in the booth. I know I didn’t like him at the time, but that could have been a function of how crappy we were playing at the time. Maybe we could get him back to pair with Smoltzie. Anything to get Chip away from the mic.

    Tonight will be the first game all year I haven’t watched or listened or even checked the box score.

  3. van scott says:

    Is Bethancourt really much of an upgrade over Gattis’ defense as a catcher?
    Not sure trading Gattis and having him catch would help the Braves.

  4. Jack Straw says:

    Another sad stat: Craig Kimbrel has 5.2 innings pitched in September.

  5. charlesad says:

    Bethancourt has been disappointing defensively lately. But I think he would be an upgrade long term. Gattis isn’t an easy call. A new GM is gonna earn his money.

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