Open thread, 9/25, #Braves vs. the closing credits

So what does the fake-bearded fiddler do in the offseason?

The season from Hell ends tonight, at least the home portion. ICYMI, Chipper offered some insights on the Wren era and his future today on local radio. He said he’d listen if asked to be the team’s hitting coach “but I can’t promise anything. It would have to be the perfect situation.

But it was these comments that burned up Braves Twitter today:

“I’m not sold on the fact that Bobby was sold on wanting to leave when he left,” Jones said. “I think there was a lot of friction between he and Frank Wren back in the day. It’s not a coincidence that Bobby is now back in the fold. I would love to see him in some way, shape or form have some influence or have some say so in personnel. I think he was the catalyst that built our minor-league system up in the early 90’s. He drafted all of us – myself, (Ryan) Klesko, (Javy) Lopez … it was right on down the line. I would like him to have that influence, as well as Fredi (Gonzalez).

“You know, Fredi is the manager of this ball club and he had very little say so in some of the personnel changes. If you are the manager you need to have some say so in the tools that are going to help you win ball games on a nightly basis. I can’t say 100 percent, I can say in my opinion, from time to time Fredi was probably told who needs to play. Obviously when you have guys who are making 11, 12, 14, 15 million dollars you want to give those guys an opportunity to play their way out of (slumps). I think Fredi did everything he could to get Dan Uggla through his struggles and now trying to get B.J. Upton through his struggles. But you have to draw that fine line between giving those guys a chance to swing their way out of it and try to win ball games and stay in contention. I don’t know.”

So Wren made Fredi hit B.J. lead-off? He makes for a convenient scapegoat, but I have my doubts.

Sadly, Braves fans won’t be able to give B.J. a Jeter-esque tribute tonight, as he’s on the bench. Will he ever wear a Braves uni at Turner Field again?

Let’s hope not.

Bonifacio 8, Gosselin 5, Freeman 3, J. Upton 7, Heyward 9, Gattis 2, Simmons 6, Pena 4, Hale 1



2 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/25, #Braves vs. the closing credits

  1. There is no way that I’m buying that. Wren has a colossal ego but he’s not stupid.

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