Open Thread, Sept. 24, #Braves vs. Five More Days


I’ll admit I’m not watching Braves games start-to-finish this week. But when I clicked on the radio last night to discover the Pirates had taken a 3-2 lead in the 6th, I knew the game was over.

This team is as likely to make a comeback as Gilligan’s Island. Hey!

This offense in September has been positively slothful. The team appears as eager as we are to just get it over with. Only they’re still getting paid.

Anyway, tonight’s sloths (except for Teheran. He’s not a sloth.): Boni (4), Simmons, Freeman, J Upton, Heyward, Johnson, BCourt, B Upton, Teheran


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  1. RJR Squeeze says:

    BJ plays so often, I swear it feels like he’s making a run at Cal Ripken’s record.

  2. Mr. Movie says:

    This team sucks. I’ve never been more disappointed in a season. At least in the old days they were fun to watch lose. And always two or three guys that you really loved. Where else could you see ostrich or midget races? And who can forget Headlock & Wedlock Night at Fulco?

  3. Jack Straw says:

    I can’t believe I followed this team every day just to watch a September like this. When did Braves baseball become an S&M experience?

  4. atlpaddy says:

    This season of flaccid Braves Baseball has been brought to you by Napa. Napa know-how helps you to the job right. And Georgia Power. Georgia Power…a Southern Company!

  5. Hopefully we will have a rebuilt offense and AT&T will have new commercials by the time next season rolls around.

  6. charlesad says:

    paddy, you forgot Jim Powell’s winning, “Yeah it is” after “a Southern Company.”

  7. Brad says:

    I’m guessing the folks at Safeco Insurance have seen their sales plummet this month since we haven’t had many opportunities for “Safeco Insurance runs”.

  8. atlpaddy says:

    Oops, you’re right CD – that’s another example of Jim Powell’s plucky, can-do demeanor. Also, Express Oil and Service Center has saved a bundle on their promotion this season – the Braves haven’t scored and neither have we…

  9. jon3068 says:

    The Braves have been worse this month than September 2011. Something to ponder.

    Though the only regulars on this team who were regulars on that team are Freeman, Heyward, Kimbrel and Minor. Roster turnover’s been crazy! (Teheran, Bethancourt, Uggla and Schafer, are the other guys who played on both teams)

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