Worst month for #Braves since 1990

The local nine have been outscored 85-40 in September and are poised to become the first Braves team in nearly a quarter century to give up twice as many runs in one month as they’ve scored.

Two years removed from the franchise’s worst season in Atlanta, the 1990 Braves lost their season opener 8-0 to the Giants. The next day Smoltzie, Sergio Valdez, Tony Castillo and Dwayne Henry allowed 13 runs to San Francisco. Three days later, the Reds scored 13 off Tom Glavine and four relievers. The Braves were outscored 18-6 in the season’s 8th and 9th games, dropping their record to 1-8. They’d finish April with four wins, 49 runs scored and 98 runs allowed.



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  1. Tokyokie says:

    Of course, that 1990 team wasn’t expected to compete for the postseason and didn’t, with a terrible opening month pretty much consigning it to last place in the division. But the farm system or trades had already put long-term key players like Smoltz, Glavine and Justice in place, and the next season, the Braves reached the World Series. This season’s team was expected to compete, and was tied for first at the all-star break, but a second-half collapse will probably doom it to sub-.500 for the season, and I don’t see much hope for optimism for next year.

  2. roadrunner48 says:

    My father has been following this team since 1944 and he says that this has been the most disheartening season he’s experienced.

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