#Braves Wren is done

To no one’s surprise, Liberty canned Wren. MLB.com’s Mark Bowman has been all over this story.

Now we’ll see if his replacement decides to keep Fredi, or not. As for Dayton Moore, I’m guessing he’s apt to stay home in KC because I doubt Liberty would break the bank to lure a guy from a comfortable situation.


8 thoughts on “#Braves Wren is done

  1. Adios, Wren!

    I’m not happy about this. Not because I think Wren did a great job, but because I’m sad the Braves are ending the season with such a whimper.

    Hopefully things get better instead of worse next season. Now is probably the time to lose Fredi Gonzalez too. I’d be surprised if Fredi and Walker/Fletcher were back for 2015.

  2. Yes, it’s all-too-reminiscent of the CBS Yankees decline of the 1960’s (the era before the Steinbrenners bought and actively returned them to pin-strip glory). It’s not all that surprising that Mr Malone and his Liberty Media managers would care less for the city of Atlanta and its larger metro fan base. But, for the life of me, I can’t understand how McGuirk and Schureholtz (who, presumably, still live here?) could have so callously turned their backs on our town: first by moving to a traffic-snarled suburb (at the expense of ingenuous tax-payers there) and now by stymieing the Ted area’s only real shot and rehabilitation (via the proposed GSU expansion). http://www.SaveTheTed.org
    I for one say good riddance to bad managers wherever they are!

  3. The other shoe needs to drop or this is all just a lot of proverbial sound and fury.

  4. I consider this a good start. It’s also a nervous time. If we hire the wrong GM again, we’re screwed for a while.

    I suspect the new GM will have the right to determine what to do with the on-field management. That’s all fine, but with the way this team has just laid down, I cannot see a justification for keeping Fredi. That and the fact that he’s sucked as a manager since Day 1 in 2011.

  5. Well, Bobby is one of three doing the interviewing. He’s made it clear that he’s firmly behind Freddi. I can’t see someone getting the job who doesn’t commit to keeping the current manager. The talk about the new GM getting to pick his own manager is just talk.

  6. I agree the other shoe should drop, but I’ve been on record for a while that Wren’s decisions were going to come back to bite him and bite him they did.

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