Open Thread, Sept. 17, #Braves vs. the Universe


Anyone else hear that fan scream, “You fucking piece of shit” at Bruce Hooper last night?

The home plate umpire immediately ejected the guy, as he probably should have. And had I been sitting nearby with my son, I would not have enjoyed the outburst. But watching at home, I admit I thought it was kinda funny. I was surprised to see the lout was a clean-cut, sober-looking young fellow.

In any case, that was about the most interesting moment at Turner Field, at least for Braves fans. Tonight, sadly, promises to be little better, unless Wood throws a no-hitter. Hell, the Braves might still lose. As superb as he’s been, that’s a bit much to wish for.

Trying to scratch out a run or two tonight: Gosselin 4, Simmons 6, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Heyward 9, Bethancourt 2, Johnson 5, BUpton8, Wood 1.

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  1. RJR Squeeze says:

    The opponent is hungover, and still we have no runs through 4 frames. Eleven days left. Make it end.

  2. charlesad says:

    The play on which the Braves scored 3 runs was the most exciting seconds in the last month. Seconds. Imagine athletic young Braves — J-Hey, Bethancourt,Gosselin– zooming around the bases. What a rare treat! As CB pointed out, that’s what Wren promised four years ago. To say he hasn’t delivered is an understatement. Offseason to-do list: Fire Wren. Trade the Uptons and Gattis for players with at least some speed and the ability to get on base. Get another competent starting pitcher if possible. Try to sign J-Hey. Try to get a lefty reliever. That’s all I can think of and I’m getting tired.

  3. Mike Jolly says:

    I dont necessarily disagree. But I would be nervous going for one extreme of aiming for all power to the other extreme of having very little power in the lineup which is what you would have with trading Gattis and JUp.

    If we lived in fantasy land we would fire Wren and Fredi, trade BJ and CJ, Gattis would magically be capable of playing a competent LF, we would sign JHey and JUp long term, move JUp to RF and JHey to CF, Parazza would start at 2nd and lead off and we would find ourselves a nice high OBP and high average guy with some athleticism to play 3rd. But alas, we dont live in fantasy land.

    Either way its going to be an interesting offseason.

  4. cleteboyerfan says:

    Pretty good piece in the Washington Post about the Braves present and future outlook.

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