#Braves Oddity: BJ outhitting Justin in September (.185 to .133)


8 thoughts on “#Braves Oddity: BJ outhitting Justin in September (.185 to .133)

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  1. Justin had extended slumps last year as well. I’d like to see both brothers gone.

  2. 1 brother is frustrating all of the time, the other is frustrting half of the time and red hot the other half. I’m done with the upton experiment as well. What u don’t understand is all of this talk of trading Gattis. Anyone notice the offense went cold since he’s been out. Lets get another year or 2 of 20 homers from catcher for the league minimum.

  3. You have to play Bethancourt as your everyday catcher, IMO. What he’ll down for team ERA will make up the power difference. Gattis has max value now in the trade market because of his remaining years of team control.

  4. Bethancourt is excellent defensively and he’ll hit enough. As for the offense going cold without Gattis, it’s been cold with him, too. I like Gattis. But I don’t think he’s a 30 HR guy even with 550 ABs. And I just don’t think there’s a place for him on this team with Bethancourt coming. I’m with RJR oh Gattis.

  5. In other Gattis news today, the Braves announced that the misdiagnosis of strep led to a misdiagnosis of kidney stones, but their doctors are now confident he in fact suffers from irritable bowel syndrome that will keep him straddling the toilet until season’s end.

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