Open thread, 9/16, #Braves vs. the John Towers

So B.J. doesn’t hustle on the game’s final play last night and … is back in the line-up. It’s not the first time.

Maybe Fredi wants Wren fired, too. Speaking of, Buster Olney on his podcast today said the Braves are more likely to fire their GM than manager. My guess: Highly regarded assistant GM John Coppolella gets a promotion, with John Hart acting as his consigliere. Works for me.

Now if we can just get Chipper to come on as hitting coach.

Back to tonight’s game: If the Nats win they’ll be the 9th team to pop the champagne at Turner Field.

The others: Yankees (’96), Marlins (’97), Padres (’98), Cards (’00), D’backs (’01), Giants (’02), Cubs (’03), Astros (’04), Giants (’10), Cards (’12)

The line-up:

Gosselin, Simmons, Freeman, J Upton, Heyward, Bethancourt, Johnson, B Upton, Harang

*Tower was a longtime D.C. fixture nominated by Bush ’41 to be Defense Secretary. The Senate rejected Tower after allegations he was a boozer, which the accompanying photo seems to confirm.


11 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/16, #Braves vs. the John Towers

  1. You guys are missing the point. By playing BJ, the Braves are hoping/praying that he does something that will allow them to throw him into a trade package this winter.

  2. Hard to believe that a couple times this season we were on the verge of running away with the division.

  3. Well, of course it happened this way: the Nationals clinch the division at the Ted, shutting out the Braves (natch) and putting the Braves under .500 for the first time since opening day. Of course.

  4. Yankees won 96 WS at Yankee Stadium. Though they did sweep three middle games at old Fulton County.

  5. My kids would not have missed one-third of the time at school over strep that Evan Gattis seems to require (if you believe the official story, that is) before returning to work.

  6. I’m guessing not many teams have gone from tied for first at the all-star break to below .500 for the season. But that’s what having the worst record in the division (23-33) since then will do for you.

  7. The players, manager and announcers would insist the position players are still trying. But, there is a big difference between delivering a certain level of effort necessary just to perform your job, and actively and aggressively going after victory. I agree, most of the team quit on this season some time ago.

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