Open thread, Sept. 14, #Braves vs. Just get it over with

Lineup: out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out.


14 thoughts on “Open thread, Sept. 14, #Braves vs. Just get it over with

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  1. Swept emphatically by a AAA club. Worst series in some time. Four back, 13 to play. See you in March.

  2. Major changes coming……..just how thorough will the coming house-cleaning be?

  3. Lots of celebrations coming to the Ted next week. First the gnats clinch the division. Then the pirates clinch the wild card. Then after we finish the season under .500, we can celebrate Fredi getting shit canned.

  4. From your mouth to whoever’s ears. I suspect Wren stays and Fredi gets canned, which would be tremendously unfair (and I’m not a Fredi fan).

  5. This is the second September collapse in 4 years – I think the cumulative record as manager argument will be a hard one to make, especially since this team has gotten worse since McGuirk made his public comments.

    I hope we go to spring training with Pendleton as the manager. I think he can combine his Atlanta/Bobby Cox influence with his St. Louis Cardinal influence. I just hope we don’t end up with someone like Jim Riggleman managing the team.

  6. Hey, I’d like to point out that the collapse didn’t start in September, it started in August, and although the team finished that month 14-14, the Braves started August 3-9, just as they have this month. OK, make that late July and the month-ending sweep by the Dodgers in L.A., which puts the Braves 9 games under .500 for the last 6 1/2 weeks. Ugh. (By the way, the team’s September-October regular-season records under Fredi have been 13-14 in 2013, 20-10 in 2012, and 9-18 in 2011; the 2012 record was better than I remembered, the 2011 one worse, and this team could be even worse than that.)

    But at least Greg Maddux should be available for a role with the Braves, should the team choose to find one for him. Greg supposedly took his current job with the Rangers because his brother Mike was with the organization, but Mike Maddux was essentially a Ron Washington-Nolan Ryan guy, and with those two now gone, Mike will likely follow. Not sure Greg would want a position that would require reporting to an office every day though, even if the team replaced Roger McDowell with Mike.

  7. I doubt Maddux or Chipper wants to coach full time. I could see them doing some kind of “special assignment” stuff where they drop in now and then. It’s hard to justify Wren keeping his job if Fredi loses his. They both should go. McGuirk too, and whoever is responsible for the between-innings carnival barker. It’s going to be a fascinating offseason, probably a lot more interesting than this season has been. It will be a test for Liberty, what with the move up I-75 in a couple years. I can’t imagine they ‘re eager to head to the burbs with a losing team.

  8. I think that is an important point CD; if they don’t build a winning product and move up the interstate with a sub-.500 team and attendance already dropping, they’ll be looking at losing even more money in the new stadium when nobody turns up for the games.

    I would love to see Liberty do a complete house-cleaning job but am not holding my breath.

  9. I’m for big changes, but not a total housecleaning. I’d love to see TP named manager. And Assistant GM John Coppolella is highly regarded in the game. .

  10. Blargh. I was really looking forward to watching more playoffs this year. If Oakland gets bumped it’s gonna be a really boring posteason.

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