Open Thread, Sept. 12, #Braves vs. the Jonas Brothers

The Braves have nothing on the Texas Rangers. They’re 1-11 with 24 runs scored in the past dozen tilts. They have the worst record in baseball and, at 92 losses, are a sure bet to lose 100. Their entire rotation is or has been hurt. They’ve used 60 players, an all-time record. They have 10 players on the 60-day DL. (The Braves have one, Gavin Floyd.) W’s old team is last in the American League in team ERA.

Walker (Texas Ranger) would not be proud.

Of course, all those dismal facts mean nothing as the Bravos roll into the ballpark in the midst of an office park. It’s actually a nice yard. I saw a game there several years ago. But it is in the middle of a suburban office park. The Cobb County home of the Braves will more or less be similarly situated.

Pitching for the Walkers tonight is Derek Holland, whose two 2014 starts have been good and thus might qualify him as their active ace. Holland had a nice year in 2013 but has had a mediocre career (50-38, 4,30 ERA). Wood goes for our side. He’s been about as good as we could’ve hoped.

While the Braves play the dreadful Rangers and then the Natspos, the Pirates face the crappy Cubs and the repugnant Red Sox. So it’d be a good idea to get busy in the business park.

No lineups posted yet.


13 thoughts on “Open Thread, Sept. 12, #Braves vs. the Jonas Brothers

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  1. Any time a team is mired in a slump they should look forward to playing the Braves…nobody is better at playing down to an opponent.

  2. Third September out of Four that the Braves have swooned under Fredi. Say Good Night Fredi!

  3. A friend offered me a free ticket (with free parking) to Saturday’s game, but I turned it down because I’d made other plans. And for 5 innings today, I was regretting it. But considering the way we lost today, had I gone, I would have stroked out. Kicking in 3 fucking runs in a 3-2 loss is inexecusable. But only scoring 2 runs against a guy making an emergency start — and his first in the majors — for the worst rotation in baseball in one of the game’s most hitter-friendly parks is just as inexcusable.

    The talk has been the Braves will move Gattis this off-season because he’s more valuable to American League teams because he doesn’t have a defensive position. But why not try him in left (or even at third) and move Justin Upton or Chris Johnson instead? (OK, so with the stupid extension he received, Johnson may be as easy to move as B.J.) Can Gattis really be appreciably worse than either of those two defensively? We’ve seen what Justin’s upside is — he’ll get hot and carry the team for a couple of 2- or 3-week stretches a season and be pretty mediocre otherwise, while Johnson, having been exposed as an everyday player, has shown himself to be a .260 hitter with low-double-figures homer power who strikes out a whole lot. We don’t know what Gattis’ ceiling is, but it’s already higher than Johnson’s.

  4. I agree. The other advantage is that Gattis could still catch and bring the manager (hopefully not Fredi) added flexibility. Upton is seriously overrated and could bring a good return. Hell, I’d be happy to see him used as a sweetener for taking part of B.J.’s salary off our hands.

  5. Just for fun, I decided to cherry-pick some starts for Julio.

    He has had six quality starts this year where he’s gotten the L. Not those cruddy “quality” starts where he goes 6 innings and gives up 3 earned runs. No, his ERA over that timespan is 2.54. That’s a waste of an ace!

  6. I am with Tokyokie and roadrunner regarding Gattis. Playing everyday he could be a 30 HR guy – there aren’t a lot of those guys running around, especially those with 4 years of team control left. I also think if the market for him is an AL team seeking a DH, we won’t get as big of a return as many seem to think.

    Take away his catchers mitt and send him to Orlando in the fall and have him take 50,000 balls in LF, and then come back to spring training and play him only in the OF.

  7. Ryan Klesko wasn’t a good defensive left fielder, but the Braves did OK with him out there. And I think Gattis could play at that level. But like williemontanez, giving up a right-handed power hitter who appears to have 30 HR power and is under club control for several more years would just be a terrible move.

  8. I’ve learned to expect terrible moves from this leadership since the 1990s fairy dust wore off.

  9. “Wake me up when September ends.”Fredis career September record with Braves is 43-49. Not exactly Bobby Cox circa 1991,1993.

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