Open Thread, Sept. 10, #Braves vs. K Street

It’s pretty funny that Aaron Harang and Stephen Strasburg have almost the same record and ERA (10-10, 3.87 and 11-10, 3.43). Most or all of those numbers will change a little today.

Unfortunately for our side, those numbers were even more similar until the past month, when one of these pitchers has been getting poleaxed. That pitcher is Harang. He’ll head to the hill today to try and avert a sweep by the team we used to dog like a rented Ford Taurus. I suspect there’s a sweep in the offing.

Speaking of resignation and frustration, last night’s 8th inning pretty well summed up the season, didn’t it? Down two runs, Bonifacio doubles to lead off. And, of course, the heart of the order fails to move him an inch. Like RJR Squeeze said, come on, Pirates, put us out of our misery.

No lineup posted yet, as it’s six hours to first pitch. I suspect BK will be in there. What difference could it make, really?

Lineup: Heyward, Gosselin SS, Freeman, Justin, Johnson, La Stella, Bethancourt, BK, Harang.


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  1. Caz says:

    I guess at this point we want BJ in the lineup as that increases the chance that we miss the playoffs?

  2. jon3068 says:

    No! That’s foolish thinking!

  3. Salazr2 says:

    Hate to say it but this is a lame duck team. Changes are needed for a more watchable product. I’m a die hard fan and I can barely watch this crap.

  4. Brad says:

    BJ will save us!!

  5. NahaGomez says:

    Brilliant job by Aaron Harang! Saved the season for now. Great ABs by JUP too. Need to sweep the Rangers.

  6. charlesad says:

    Right you are, Naha. I’m ready to believe again if we can win a couple in Tejas.

  7. Jack Straw says:

    Harang is a pro. He is the same after every game, win or lose. Glad to see him pick up a W.

  8. RJR Squeeze says:

    Happy 31st anniversary of a most fateful loss at Dodger stadium. Said game concluded with a successful squeeze bunt by RJ Reynolds, ripping my heart out and officially commencing my Braves fanhood.

    Time flies.

  9. NahaGomez says:

    That’s an all time Top 5 loss for me RJR.

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