Open Thread, Sept. 8, #Braves vs. zeros

Four shutouts in the last eight games. Thirteen whitewashes for the season.

What a nice time to literally stop scoring runs. Pittsburgh has moved ahead in the race to be the visitor in the play-in game. I’m perfectly OK with them getting hot and taking this thing. We need change. Change we can believe in. That would bring hope.

As for tonight’s game, the Bravos have bullied the Natspos for the past two seasons, but it doesn’t much matter now. And it’s hard to see that continuing. Oh yeah, Gattis, third on the team in OPS, is out for at least three days with strep throat. 

At least BK’s not playing tonight. These guys are: Heyward, Bonifacio, Freeman, Justin, Johnson, LaStella, Simmons, Laird, Minor.


7 thoughts on “Open Thread, Sept. 8, #Braves vs. zeros

  1. As much as it pains me to do it I think I’m on the same page as you now. I’m not pulling against the team I love but I’d rather them make some changes in the office and miss the playoffs than watch us lose the play in game.

  2. No way. I never root against my team.

    You guys are gonna be sooooo pissed when the Braves miss the playoffs and no one gets fired.

  3. I think they will continue to play like a mediocre team regardless of who on the Office roots for or against them.

    I just hope the success of the 2015 Braves offense does not ride on a “bounce back” year from Chris Johnson or a new batting stance/approach by BJ

  4. Both Andrelton and Heyward have been mostly healthy but mostly ineffective at the plate this year. Every other facet of their game is great. The hitting coach should have been fired in May. Since he wasn’t Fredi needs to be fired in October.

  5. Braves lead all of MLB with 100 quality starts (Dodgers-93). Braves are 29th out of 30 in run scored.

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