Open Thread, Sept. 6, #Braves vs. What Should We Want?

Say this for the 2014 Braves: They’ve been remarkably consistent since April. In each of the four-plus months since, they have been between three games under and two games over .500. In fact, they were exactly break-even in July and August, and now sit at 1-3 in September. 

It’s safe to say the Braves are mediocre. But they are a mediocre team that still has a genuine shot at a wild card spot. Question du jour: Do we want them to get it? Of course, if you root for a team, and we all root like hell for the Bravos, you want a shot at the ultimate prize. But there’s a quandary. First, does anyone really believe our boys would stand a chance in hell of winning a wild card game, a division series, a league championship series and then the World Series? 

Sure, it’s possible. It’s also possible that my novel that’s languished on a disc for four years will be a critically acclaimed best seller. It’s possible that the Beltline will be built ahead of schedule and under budget. It’s possible that the Gourds will become as popular as Toby Keith.

It’s more likely that the Braves stumble into the wild card game, maybe even win it, and then get swept in the LDS by scores of, say, 2-0, 3-1, and 3-2. And based on that stellar showing, Frank Wren and Fredi keep their jobs and JS crows about what another wonderful year it was for this “grand franchise.” None of us wants that.

Therefore, should we root for the Braves NOT to make the postseason?

Tough one. I’m simply incapable of watching a Braves game and hoping they lose. I can’t do it, any more than I could root against my own kid. But in the long term, this team needs new blood in the front office. And another dispiriting October might be enough to preserve the calcified status quo.

Another question: Is it time to put Hale in Harang’s rotation spot? I would, but I’d be shocked if Fredi does.

No lineup posted as of 3:11.

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  1. Mike Jolly says:

    I actually have a feeling that unless the Braves win a series in the post season and have an obvious turn around, that Wren and Fredi are gone. At the minimum Fredi. I just dont think that JS and TMcG are going to allow us to just keep the status quo. I think this offseason…change gonna come.

  2. Blair says:

    I can’t bring myself to root against them either but in all reality, missing the playoffs would be the best thing. Change would be sure to come-in the front office, on the coaching staff, and most importantly in the 25 man.

  3. Andy says:

    I want — and “this grand organization” needs — certainty of change at the top in the offseason. The future depends on it. I get the feeling the players themselves would welcome it. Certainty is more certain if the Braves miss the offseason. Let it happen. *sigh*

  4. van scott says:

    Why do the Brave broadcasters keep pushing the idea that BJ’s resurrection is just around the corner?

  5. the real big cat says:

    The Braves will win one of the LDS games something like 13-4, then lose every other one by a run.

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