Open Thread, Sept. 5, #Braves vs. Marlins’ owners

Like pretty much every Braves game, tonight has the makings of a low-scoring affair, at least for the Bravos. Fish pitcher Jarred Cosart has allowed two earned runs in his past four starts, after giving up 23 in the five before those. Maybe he’ll revert to the July Cosart, when he had an 8.02 ERA for the Astros. That prompted Houston to trade him, and he promptly morphed into a right handed Clayton Kershaw.   

Meanwhile, the signs are equally unpromising on our side. Harang’s ERA is 5.70 in his past four outings. His last really good start was against the Nats nearly a month ago. 

Neither team’s offense has been a rolling ball of butcher knives. Since the all star break, the Marlins are 24th and the Braves 27th of the 30 MLB teams in runs, and the team batting averages and OBPs are similar: .248/.319 for Miami, .240/.313 for our homies.

An interesting note on the Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton — was that his middle name when he was Mike? Why’d he change his name — will probably win the MVP award, and he deserves it. Just how feared is he? Pitchers have intentionally walked him 24 times. The second-highest total for a hitter in the NL is 11, for Ruben Tejada, because he often bats 8th, I’d think, and Chase Utley. 

Pitchers like to put Stanton on not only because he’s a Godzilla, but also because the guy who usually hits behind him, Casey McGehee, has hit into more double plays than anyone in baseball, with 27. 

No lineups posted as of 3 p.m.

Heyward 9, Simmons 6, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Gattis 2, La Stella 4, Johnson 5, BUpton, 8 Harang 1

* The Marlins’ owners make Liberty look like Ted. Wayne Huizenga and the Used Car Salesman’s buddy, Jeffrey Loria, have screwed Miami baseball fans to an unconscionable degree, especially Loria (pictured, before some of the fans for whom he apparently has nothing but contempt). He splurged on free agents after the team moved into its taxpayer-funded stadium, and then dismantled the team halfway through the FIRST season. That’s one reason ESPN dubbed him the most dishonest owner in sports. No wonder the Marlins have been last in the NL in attendance in eight of the past 10 seasons. They were next-to-last in 2005 and 12th of 16 in 2012, the first season in the new ballpark. The Marlins drew just 16,000 a game in 2003, when they won the World Series, and not many more the following season. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jack Straw says:

    Miami is no place for a baseball team. Neither is Tampa. If football was played in the spring and summer, the Dolphins would be gone.

  2. charlesad says:

    Harang has officially turned back into himself: 3 IP, 7 hits 4 earned runs, pushing his August-September ERA to 4.95. Still had a hell of a year, all things considered.

  3. RJR Squeeze says:

    As I said before, I much prefer off days.

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