Open Thread, 9/3, #Braves vs. Dignity

So how does one run in 46 innings sound?

Ryan Doumit, who has a lower OPS than B.J., is batting clean-up today. And of course B.J. is in the line-up. 

Good. I want the Braves to clean house, and that ain’t going to happen if they somehow reach the postseason. If cheering for the Braves to lose a Wild Card game before 35,000 at The Ted makes you a bigger fan than me, so be it. 

Heyward 9 Simmons 6 Freeman 3 Doumit 7 La Stella 4 Johnson 5 Bethancourt 2 BUpton 8 Santana 1




12 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/3, #Braves vs. Dignity

  1. The following people may stay; Heyward, Simmons, Freeman, Justin, Gattis, Teheran, Wood, Kimbrel, and Walden. Everyone else is excused.

  2. But what if you can’t re-sign Jay Hey and J-Up, both FA’s after next year? Can’t let them get away for nothing. And I’d trade Gattis — he’s awful defensively and he’s a one-dimensional hitter. Trade him while he still has value.

  3. Those are the only pieces we have that have any real value. I’m ok with trading Gattis if the return is right. And if you can only keep one of Heyward and Justin, you’re talking about taking out 2 of the best hitters in a lineup that’s already almost the worst in the NL. It’s a scary proposition. Whether it’s Wren making these important decisions remains to be seen. Big offseason coming either way.

  4. The problem with trading Gattis is that UNLESS you sign JUp long term, you have no real power hitter left in the line-up. I see your reasoning for trading him. He has seemingly gotten worse defensively, but it would be a big loss offensively. Especially when replacing him with CB.

  5. What kind of line up is this? I have given up trying to understand the logic and reasoning behind the way games are managed.

  6. Seven runs. I’ll take it. For any single day I’m not sure the lineup makes a whole lot of difference. For instance, BJ hit a two-run homer today. Complete anomaly, but things happen in a single game. Over time, how you set the lineup day after day matters. Any lineup of major leaguers can work for one day, or might not work for one day. That’s my take, anyway.

  7. Off days are strangely enjoyable when the squad is playing like crap. I can just relax and watch the Brewers shit themselves. Or not watch. Either way, I can relax.

  8. As messed up as we are, when I look to my left and to my right, I am amazed. To wit, in no particular order:
    1. The Braves have a better run differential than St. Louis. How the hell?
    2. LA beat our ass, head-to-head. Makes sense cause they’re better. But if you exclude those games head-to-head games, the Braves have a better winning percentage. How is that even possible?
    3. The aforementioned Milwaukee Brewers are all of 1/2 game ahead of the Braves. One half game made up and we’re in the playoffs? Are you serious?

    Is it possible the whole NL just sucks? Seeing Walgreen’s in the World Series would be more than distasteful, but we may be heading that way.

  9. As rotten as the last two months have been, the Braves have been playing .500 ball, not Loserville ball. It just seems that way cuz we’re so used to winning.

    … so *this* is what it feels like to be a spoiled fanbase. 😦

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