In the first inning, with the bases loaded, Chris Johnson struck out for the 143rd time. He’s walked just 18 times, good for a .294 OBP. Frank Wren signed the defensively challenged third sacker to a needless contract extension earlier this season. He’s due $8 million a year over the next three years, beginning in 2015. 

*FW traded a #1 draft pick he selected, Sean Gilmartin, for Ryan Doumit, who struck out for the 41st time tonight in 131 ABs. He has six walks.  

*Wren hired Greg Walker, and Larry Parrish before that. 

*He also hired Fredi, who persists in starting the worst player in baseball, still owed $46 million thanks to Frank Wren.  

Fire Frank Wren.


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  1. Bigwheel says:

    I’m very much with you on this. Blow this shit up. Start over. We cant hide the fact that we are paying 27 million next year to two of the worst players you could have in your starting nine, its a travesty. I could tell Joe was pissed( as was I) BK didnt have his glasses on last night when he hit his weak grounder to Rollins in the 8th. Keep the ‘Core’ we locked up this spring and Wood. Everybody else should be on the table, And Frediot and FW should get the can.

  2. Bigwheel says:

    Giving BJ starts in must win games in September is inexcusable.

  3. R bell says:

    Get rid of wren. Let new guy worry@ mgr. Fire pedleton.

  4. Why would you fire TP? I’d like to see him named mgr.

  5. RJR Squeeze says:

    Hearing Joe Simpson start to get pissed about this team has been interesting, and a helpful to antidote to Chip blowing sunshine up my ass. I bet Joe wants to rip even harder and is biting his tongue.

    I like Joe Simpson as an announcer. Always have. And he’s been around this organization since 1992, so he represents the last link to our dynastic years. He’s pretty clearly disturbed by the overall state of affairs – lack of leadership, dead contracts, lax play, declining attendance. It’s pissing him off the same as it is us die hards.

  6. Jack Straw says:

    If Fredi values his job he would have jettisoned Greg Walker a long time ago. Perhaps soon they will ruin some other club, in tandem.

    I agree with our host. Let’s see if TP can make this horse run.

  7. BrandX says:

    Wren has always been too impulsive for my tastes and somehow at the same time puts himself into situations where he is forced to be rash. Chicken and egg thing to me. I don’t think Billy Beane invented baseball, but I’ve always thought he has done a good job of juggling contracts and having guys cycle out and have new guys cycle in while staying within fairly tight budget constraints. Wren appears to have none of the acumen regarding the allocation of resources. I don’t think Wren works from any kind of multi-year blueprint (or at least he hasn’t to this point).

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