Open Thread, 9/2, #Braves vs. the Seth Greens

Jesus Christ. BK is in the lineup again. How long must this go on? BK is hitting .167 in his past 10 games, but with just six strikeouts. And he’s 3-for-7 in his past two games. A surge is at hand! Frank and Fredi will be vindicated!

On the bright side, no NL contender is playing well. In fact, the team 1.5 games in front of the Atlantas–that’d be the Milwaukees–is 2-8 in the past 10. Let’s hope that continues. The only NL club better than 6-4 is the Phillies at 7-3. Let’s hope that does not continue.

A hit or 11 tonight would help. It should be easier than yesterday, as the pedestrian Kyle Kendrick hurls. A more-or-less .500 career pitcher with a mid-4s ERA, Kendrick has pitched better against the Braves than he has against any team except the Cardinals. Minor looks to continue his good work for the home side. 

Your lineup: J-Hey, Simmons, Freeman, Justin, Gattis, Johnson, LaStella, BK, Minor.

BK Fun Fact: If he gets the number of ABs projected on, he’d have to hit .500 the rest of the way to end up at .250. If he hit .400 from here on out, he’d end up in the mid .230s. He’s having a bad year.



4 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/2, #Braves vs. the Seth Greens

  1. Obviously, just two hitting coaches is not working out this year. Why not make it four, or
    maybe give everyone their own coach (BJ could get two).

  2. We have been no-hit in 100% of the games played this week which BJ does not start. Come on, man, do your Fredimetrics and it all makes sense.

  3. Offensively pathetic.Predictable, sure, but pathetic nonetheless.

    “The Braves haven’t forgotten how to hit, they’re just not dropping in right now.” Chip Carey, you’re the reason that I watch most Braves games on mute.

  4. Well, to Chip’s unintentional credit, one can’t forget what one never learned in the first place.

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