Open thread, 8/31, #Braves vs. Fredi’s guy

Fredi’s undermining continues — even after last night’s half-ass display by B.J., who failed to charge a ball in CF, allowing a Marlins baserunner to take third base. As Joe said on the telecast, that wouldn’t have happened with Emilio. 

But Emilio is on the bench today because Fredi doesn’t want to overexpose him. Instead the manager Frank Wren hired continues to overexpose the worst player in baseball, signed by Frank Wren. Speaking of the Braves GM, he doesn’t appear to have anything cooking on the trade market despite glaring needs. Meanwhile, small-market Oakland swings a deal for Adam Dunn with just hours remaining on the waiver deadline. 

Like B.J., it appears most fans in Atlanta don’t give two shits about this team, and after yet another flat, uninspired performance, it’s hard to blame them. Arizona, playing host to the Rockies, drew more fans last night than the Braves.  

The line-up:

Heyward (RF), Gosselin (3B), Freeman (1B), JUpton (LF), Gattis (C), LaStella (2B), Simmons (SS), BUpton (CF), Wood (P)


4 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/31, #Braves vs. Fredi’s guy

  1. Saturday’s crowd was probably hurt a lot by it being the first Saturday of college football season. There were about 200,000 people attending football games in Atlanta and Athens alone yesterday, not to mention probably thousands of metro Atlantans who traveled for other games. College football wouldn’t be nearly as big a factor in Arizona or a lot of other places. Had 45,000-plus today. I’m not saying Atlanta’s crazy about the ’14 Bravos — as we’ve noted countless times, watching them is often a chore — but attendance hinges on a lot of things. And for many people a Braves game is just another social outing.

  2. I’ve been around long enough to remember some horrid Braves teams. This team is not in that category, but it’s definitely the most dysfunctional of all the ones still in contention on Labor Day.

    If the 2014 Braves don’t make you appreciate Bobby Cox, nothing will. This is exactly the type squad that needs the off-the-field managing that he excelled at. Instead, we have the fat idiot Gonzales stoking the flames of dysfunction with his lineups and general indifference. I’ve gone from not being impressed with him as a manager to absolutely fucking hating him.

    September 1 is Bobby C Bobblehead day. I say take one of them and place it at the top of the dugout steps and tell Fredi to pound sand. It’d be an improvement.

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