Open Thread, 8/29, #Braves vs. the Meh-lins

Nothing gins up the local fan base more than a late August series against the Marlins. But the stakes are high for both teams, especially the Fish, who need a series win to remain relevant in the race for a Wild Card spot — an outcome that could prove devastating to the Braves’ playoff chances.

Miami has won five of their last eight at Turner Field and leads the season series 7-6. But they’ve gone 2-4 on their current 9-game road trip and are now 4 games behind the Braves.

Fortunately, it appears that Fredi has finally given up on B.J., who is batting .115 for the month of August.

The line-up:

Heyward 9 Bonifacio 8 Freeman 3 J. Upton 7 Gattis 2 Johnson 5 La Stella 4 Simmons 6 Santana 1

Ervin is 6-1 with a  2.75 ERA in the second half, so you have to like the local nine’s chances.


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