Open Thread, 8/28, #Braves vs. Vin Diesels

The Office Index, Volume 2.

71 Number of extra base hits by Mike Trout

94 Number of hits by BK

148 Number of major league qualifiers with a better OPS than BK

3 Number of major league qualifiers with a worse OPS than BK

Hell. This isn’t even fun. BK is garbage on the field. Big news. It is news that he’s sitting again tonight.

What’s more interesting is that last night’s game gave us two great examples of why putting the ball in play beats striking out. Justin drove in the second run with a ground out, with two strikes, against a pitcher, Wheeler, who totally owns him and had fanned him earlier in the game. Then Gattis hit a weak grounder to short that Tejada kicked. That was luck, yes, but if Gattis fans no one would have booted a grounder to score what proved to be the winning run.

And, of course, Simmons’ play in the 8th was an all-timer. That guy is a poet, an artist, a virtuoso, a savant, a joy on defense.

I feel an offensive explosion tonight. The Braves will score at least four runs. These guys will do it: J-Hey, Bonifacio CF, Freddie, Justin, Johnson, LaStella, Simmons, Laird, Minor.



4 thoughts on “Open Thread, 8/28, #Braves vs. Vin Diesels

  1. You forgot B.J.’s .115 BA in August. Jordan Schafer, meanwhile, is batting .328 this month with a .411 OBP, .438 slugging percentage and 10 steals.

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