Open Thread, 8/19, #Braves vs. Dennis Millers

Might be a tough go tonight. Francisco Liriano has been pitching well, and old pal Harang looks like he might finally, inevitably be turning back into Aaron Harang.

But we’ve thought that before, and he’s rebounded. Maybe he will again.

For reasons known only to Fredi, BK returns to the lineup, hitting 8th. Fun fact: BK has already surpassed last year’s strikeout total. Fun fact 2: BK has six fewer career strikeouts than Babe Ruth had, in just 3,996 fewer at-bats. Granted, Gosselin has been better than Bonifacio. Still, LaStella must wonder if he’d be in the lineup more if the Braves were paying him about $14.5 million more this year. Tonight’s batting order:

Heyward, Gosselin, Freeman, JUpton, Johnson, Gattis, Simmons, BK153, Harang.


4 thoughts on “Open Thread, 8/19, #Braves vs. Dennis Millers

  1. It’s one of those years where you would have wanted to bet on the Braves every game – to do exactly what they did the day before.

    1992 was similar in that fashion, only it included more winning streaks and fewer losing streaks than this year. IIRC, you would have gone about 120-41 with that strategy (you wait and see on Opening Day).

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