Open Thread, 8/17, #Braves vs. Max Baer Jr.s

Suddenly, things are interesting again.

The home team sits 1.5 games back of San Fran for the second wild card spot, and a game behind Pittsburgh. After tonight, the Braves visit the Pirates for three, and then the Reds, who are a game-and-a-half behind us, for four. So the next week could do much to settle the playoff picture for the Atlantas.

Then we have to root against the Giants, Pirates, Cardinals and Reds. It’s a bit of an uphill climb, yes, but winning a couple against the A’s is a nice little tonic. If Minor pitches tonight like he did last time out, the Braves will have a shot at a sweep. Interesting that Gosselin is back in the lineup at second. Unfortunately, BK is in center field.

The lineup: Heyward 9, Gosselin 4, Freeman 3, J. Upton 7, Johnson 5, Gattis 2, Simmons 6, B.K. 8, Minor 1.


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 8/17, #Braves vs. Max Baer Jr.s

  1. Nice to see Jason get some positive run on national TV for being an elite defensive player.

  2. I’m glad Freddie was upset with Kimbrel’s entrance Saturday night. I took TRBC Jr. to the game and started telling him in the 7th inning he was going to love it when Kimbrel came in because the place popped like Dirty Rhodes just dropped the bionic elbow. Then…crickets. Took the air right out of the place.

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