Open thread, 8/16, #Braves vs. Symbionese Liberation Army

Tonight’s hurlers have a lot in common. Both are young studs who have quickly established themselves as future aces. And like Julio Teheran, Sonny Gray has struggled since the All-Star break. 

The A’s, like the Braves, are struggling to score runs of late. It appears they miss Cespedes more than they thought. Or perhaps it’s just a slump. Oakland still has by far the best run differential in baseball: +163. 

It gets tougher tomorrow, when Jon Lester takes the hill. If the Braves manage to sweep, then maybe, maybe, I’ll regain some hope. Knocking around Jason Hammel didn’t do it for me. 

The line-up: 

Heyward 9 Gosselin 4 Freeman 3 J. Upton 7 Johnson 5 Gattis 2 Simmons 6 B. Upton 8 Teheran 1




  1. Smoltzie is as good analyst as I’ve ever heard, regardless of the sport. I learn something from him every game. Imagine Tom Hart and Smoltzie in the booth full-time.

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