Open Thread, 8/15, #Braves vs. Al Davises

Not a whole hell of a lot to say.

I’m sure this has been reported all over the place today, but I don’t think the A’s have ever played here. They’re good, though not hot. We’re not good and most certainly not hot.

They’ll probably win at least two of these three games. Wood’ll pitch well. BK will fan at least twice. He’s hitting 8th, which is good, though he should be hitting never. In good news, his brother’s back. Andrelton had something done at the dentist, so he’s out, according to the local organ. Not that it much matters at this point.

We’ll have a new commissioner. He sounds like Bud Jr., more or less. We’ll see. He needs to speed up the game and maintain labor peace. 

Heyward 9 Gosselin 6 Freeman 3 J. Upton 7 Johnson 5 Gattis 2 La Stella 4 B. Upton 8 Wood 1


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 8/15, #Braves vs. Al Davises

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  1. I know they played here in 2005. I remember McCann making his debut that weekend.

  2. You’ve got to admire Chip. According to him, BJ is always just one batting sessions away from turning into a hitting machine.

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