Open Thread, 8/14, #Braves vs. Chaz Bonos

The heroes have a chance to split this afternoon and face a not-too-daunting pitcher in Roberto Hernandez. He used to be Fausto Carmona.

Aaron Harang is still Aaron Harang. That has been mostly a good thing for the Bravos this season. Fredi tinkers with the lineup today, which is perhaps overdue when you are above the National League average in only one of 15 offensive categories. That one is walks, surprisingly. In everything else—runs, hits, batting average, on base percentage, OPS, home runs, doubles slugging, you name it—the Braves are below average in a down year for offense.

Shocking news, I know.

On the bright side, it sure felt good to win one last night, even if Kimbrel made it tense late. At five games back, the division, me thinks, is over and I’m now focused on the wild card chase. We’re 2.5 games back there, with the Pirates, Cardinals and Giants ahead and the Reds, Marlins and, believe it or not, Padres and Mets not too far behind. 

Baseball Prospectus says the Braves have a 24 percent chance of making the postseason. The Cardinals, at 60 percent, are the team we trail for the second WC slot by 2.5 games. BP gives the Giants a slightly better shot at the postseason than the Cards, even though the Cards are a half-game up on them. Must have to do with the remaining schedule, I suppose.

Today’s lineup: J Hey, Bonifacio (8),Freeman, J Upton, Johnson, La Stella, Simmons, Laird, Harang.

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  1. Jack Straw says:

    I might put a little money on the Braves at just 25%. Our pitching will keep us in a lot of games, and we are more likely to get hot again than continue to lose games at the recent pace.

    There are actually 6 NL clubs with lower team BA than us, but except San Diego they are all within striking distance. The top of the order has been non-existent.

  2. charlesad says:

    This team couldn’t beat the original Roberto Hernandez, and he’s 49 years old.

  3. jon3068 says:

    as if B.J. would do anything other than strike out in that situation

  4. wuky says:

    There’s no one I’d want up less than BJ when down 2 in the 9th with 2 outs and two men in scoring position. Might as well have had Corky Miller hit.

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