Open thread, 8/13, #Braves vs. the Squeaky Frommes

It may not be where he belongs, but Jay Hey is back atop the order. Better him than B.J. Better anyone than B.J. Phil Gosselin gives TLS a breather tonight; Tommy will probably drop to 7th when he returns, as Fredi is loathe to hit three left-handers in order.

“Tommy does a nice job handling left-handers and Freeman does a good job handling left-handers but it just makes it so damn easy for the opposing manager to use one pitcher for three guys. And everybody has a left-handed specialist (in the bullpen).: 

Not everybody. 

Lose tonight and the Bravos drop to .500. Twenty years ago, when the first games were canceled by the player’s strike, the Braves were actually further out of first place than they are today despite a 68-46 record. They had already sold nearly 2.6 million tickets, more than they’ll sell in all of 2014. In 1993, the Braves drew just shy of 4 million at Fulco. 

Spinmaster Terry McGuirk. sees no reason to worry about attendance, which is down sharply from this time a year ago. 

“I don’t think the attendance this year has anything to with any future years,” said McGuirk, dismissing the notion of the pending move affecting current crowds. “Remember, school starts awful early here and that has a big effect on attendance. And we always know that, especially when you have Sunday games that get moved from afternoon to night. Those are difficult things for fans to schedule for; even we get very little notice on those things.

“I don’t really have any concerns. We’re going to have to do a little better on the field and we’ll deserve to ask for a little more attendance.”

I guess school doesn’t start in other cities until November.

The line-up: 

Heyward 9, Gosselin 4, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Gattis 2, Johnson 5, Simmons 6, BUpton 8, Santana 1


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