Less than 6 percent of kids 12-17 ID baseball as favorite sport

Baseball is not as irrelevant as a large segment of sports media types would have you believe. Ratings for local MLB telecasts are strong and attendance is holding steady despite higher ticket prices.  

But it’s ludicrous to call this a “Golden Age,” as The Used Car Salesman is so fond of repeating, The median age of baseball fans, now 47, continues to rise. The median age of NBA fans: 34. 

Naturally MLB’s leaders bury their head in the sand, giving cursory acknowledgement to the game’s pace but doing nothing about it.

Enforcing Rule 6.02 and Rule 8.04, preventing hitters from stepping out of the box and mandating pitchers deliver the ball within 12 seconds when bases are unoccupied, would be a good start.

Keith Olbermann’s commentary on the subject is worth your time: 


2 thoughts on “Less than 6 percent of kids 12-17 ID baseball as favorite sport

  1. At a minimum Olbermann is partly right. But I submit that NFL popularity has waxed and even now is waning, and the NBA will not continue its trajectory of the past 15 – 20 years. Anything neglected will suffer in myriad ways, and baseball’s best interests have been neglected by Bud Selig and his coterie of owners. But Americans will return to baseball rather than embrace the aching dullness of soccer because baseball is simply more fun to play.

  2. Football is on the road to a similar destination to where Boxing now resides. It will take a while but barring a revolution in how the game is played, parents aren’t going to let their kids play it unless it’s out of economic desperation. That’s not imminent but it seems more and more likely as time goes on.

    The critical mass of former players who can’t walk or remember their kids’ names is going to be too much of a spectacle for much of America to continue to stomach.

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