Open Thread, Aug. 8, #Braves vs. Francis Underwoods

This weekend is pivotal. The three against the Natspos will largely determine whether the Braves contend or play out the string.

I’ll go so far as to say the first inning tonight is big. If the Natspos score two or more runs in the top of the first this evening, then the  Braves might well be history. This team, let’s face it, isn’t much for comebacks. By my count, the Braves have won just three times when they’ve trail by three or more runs. So Ervin needs a solid start.

Lose tonight and it’s difficult to see the team winning the next two and thus gaining a game. Lose the series and they welcome the Dodgers, a team that’s bullied the Braves lately, trailing by a steep 5.5 games. Get swept this weekend and the season is done.

On another count, we’ll also find out if the Braves have some juju on DC. Take this series, and then, yeah, even if Washington wins the division, they’ll have to think the Bravos have some hex on them. How else would you explain it?

Of course, there might not be a game tonight. At 3:30, it’s pouring and it’s supposed to rain all weekend. In other dreary news, BK is back leading off. If they play, here’s tonight’s batting order: BK, La Stella, Freeman, J. Upton, Heyward, Gattis, Johnson, Pena,  Santana.

Pretty familiar. Why mess with a good thing?


2 thoughts on “Open Thread, Aug. 8, #Braves vs. Francis Underwoods

  1. For those who are interested, here’s a documentary on a team — unlike this one — that was likeable.

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