Open Thread, Aug. 6, #Braves vs. Starbucks

On the bright side, BK is not leading off. He’s hitting 8th. Bonifacio is leading off and playing left field while Justin DHs. Also, the Nats refuse to capitalize on the Bravos’ lousy play.

On the dark side, the Braves have lost seven straight and appear to be trudging toward a cliff. Andrelton is not in the lineup after hurting his ankle. Freeman’s been BK for the past month or so.

If ever a Braves team needed a win, this one needs it today. Julio will probably give them a chance. The rest of it’s totally up in the air.

Bonifacio LF, La Stella, Freeman, Justin DH, Heyward 9, Johnson, Gattis, BK, Pena SS.


6 thoughts on “Open Thread, Aug. 6, #Braves vs. Starbucks

  1. What’s the over/under on how long it takes BJ to have a quote about how he’s upset about being demoted from the leadoff spot?

  2. Great. The Braves have pretty much lost before I was even aware they were playing a day game. Julio may be the Braves best starting pitcher, but until he isn’t giving up 4 runs in the bottom of the inning in which the offense got pretty much its first lead in a week, he’s not a No.1.

  3. I’m not interested enough to do the research myself, but how many times have the Braves gone 0-for-the-West-Coast in a road trip that consisted of at least three series? I’m guessing very seldomly, if ever, before this week.

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