Open Thread, Aug. 3, #Braves vs. Frustration

The Braves haven’t gotten a clutch hit in about a month. Bases loaded, no outs in the 12th, and no runs. Oh and five on the trip, and a bunch of games against contenders coming up. The time is nigh for the Bravos to reverse course. Unless the Natspos scuffle for the next couple of weeks, more of the same could find our boys several games out in the NL East and clawing to stay in the wild card race.

It doesn’t figure to be easy for the hitters today, as Padrees’ starter Tyson Ross has a sub-3 ERA, including 1.10 in July. Harang needs a good one, and the Braves need to find some way to score runs. Let’s hope this group can do that:

BUpton 8, La Stella 4, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Heyward 9, Gattis 2, Johnson 5, Pena 6, Harang.



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  1. B.J. today: 0-for-5, 2 K’s, 2 AB’s. The two highest-paid players on the Braves (remember, Uggla still drawing a salary) are the 2 worst players in MLB. Heckuva job, Frankie!

  2. In the annoying words of a soft jazz, whistling chest-thumper, “don’t worry, be happy.” Otherwise, you’ll rip off your own head in anger.

  3. I’d say this is the playoff preview, but it seems less and less likely we’ll make it to the playoffs.

    Paging coach Chipper…

  4. In past years, when the Braves were good, if they were behind by a couple of runs in the 7th, I figured they’d come back and win. But with this team, if they fall behind 1-0 in the 2nd, I figure they’ll lose. Sure wish I’d stop being right.

  5. This team is what it is: a streak waiting to happen, whether good or bad. A six game winning streak? Well, we do have some thumpers in the lineup who can get hot and carry a team. A six game losing streak? Well, those same thumpers are on pace to give us six players to exceed 100 strikeouts, three who should exceed 150, and a leadoff hitter who could approach 200 k’s with an OBA below .300. That’s an awful lot of whiffs. That’s an awful lot of men left on base. But when you have a bunch of hitters who have the same hitting approach (the Uptons, Johnson, the departed Uggla), one who IS a good hitter but is prone to rack up K’s (Freddie), one who has shown tantalizingly flashes (J-Hey), and one who is dangerous but can be fooled (Gattis), you shouldn’t be surprised. The exceptions are Andrelton who doesn’t strike out but hasn’t done much of anything offensively and LaStella, who’s pretty much a breath of fresh air. The pitching can only take us so far. I think we’ll end up with a winning record and we might even slip into the post season. I’m not placing any money on it, though.

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