Terrific tribute to Pete by #Braves TV broadcasters tonight

It’s obvious that they genuinely loved the guy. Don’s comments were especially moving, including the half minute or so of silence as he got up and left and the Padres made the last out of the third inning.

Hats off to Don, Chip, Joe, Smoltzie, JS, and Tommy G.


3 thoughts on “Terrific tribute to Pete by #Braves TV broadcasters tonight

  1. I kept waiting for Don Sutton to break down.

    I’m keeping score of tonight’s game in honor of Pete. He made stat geekery almost cool. God, they’re all gone. At least they’re back together, now.


  2. This has been one classy send off from the broadcast crew. Kudos.

    It’s been an interesting pair of weekends, from the highs of our three Braves inductees into the HOF to the lows of Pete’s death. Seeing Claude Humphrey, my favorite Atlanta Falcon of my childhood, being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame today brought forth more waves of nostalgia and wistfulness. I see the old clips of Humphrey, young, vigorous and creating havoc upon ballcarriers, and then contrast them with the proud grandfather finally being able to deliver his induction speech after years of being passed over. With Van Wieren’s demise, unfortunately, none of our big three of Pete, Ernie, and Skip will be able to experience a deserved call from the Hall. Well, it’s the Hall Of Fame’s loss. R.I.P. Professor.

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