Open Thread, August 2, #Braves vs. Jabbawockeez

Today I watched the Bobby Cox “Driven” documentary that originally aired just before the Hall induction. That, along with the news of Pete’s passing, put me in a reflective, nostalgic frame of mind about our Bravos. In that vein, next year will be the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Champs. Let’s hope the organization’s promotional geniuses properly honor that team and that the whole team is there, sans Pete, Ernie and Skip, of course.

The local organ has a nice photo slide show of Pete. 

The sad news pushed aside the ugly loss on the left coast last night. But it happened.

Minor was as bad as he’s been all year. Pitch after pitch in the middle of the strike zone. CB and I commented as the lineups were shown before the game that the Padres truly looked like a AAA squad. And then we all saw what happened. To be fair, that AAA squad leads the NL in runs since the break. Still, Minor might have earned a trip to the minors last night. It would seem the right move to try and get him straightened out. Plug in Hale, and maybe Minor can figure it out and return for the September run, whether or not the Braves are still contending.

They just might be because the Natspos continue to underachieve. That club seems to reflect the character of the entitled dickwad who plays left field. An objective look at the rosters says they should be leading the Braves by about 8 or 9-and-a-half games, not a game-and-a-half.

Tonight is one the Brave badly need, to state the screamingly obvious. Santana has been great lately, so I suspect he’ll give us a good chance. Hope J-Hey is back.  No lineups posted as of 5:15.

B.J. 8 La Stella 4 Freeman 3 Justin 7 Heyward 9 Gattis 2 CJ 5 Simmons 6 Santana


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, August 2, #Braves vs. Jabbawockeez

  1. Still no explanation for swapping Simba and Tommy. And BJ is still leading off. I am just about done.

    Fuck you Fredi Gonzales. Seriously, fuck you. I have no faith that you even have a slight clue. You suck. Fuck you.

  2. What a crying shame that Pete did not make the HOF before he died. Truly a disgrace.

  3. Guess you guys weren’t awake to see the Braves load the bases in the top of the 12th and fail to score, then Fredi leave in Kimbrel for a second inning as he walked the bases loaded, all on 3-2 counts. Venable singled in the winning run, the only pitch put into play in the inning, on Kimbel’s 38th pitch of the game. WTF?

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