Open Thread, July 30, #Braves vs. Donald Sterlings

Things are looking bleak for our heroes over the next couple days. The fearsome duo of Grienke and Kershaw await. Tonight’s Bravos starter, Wood, struggled last time out but has been solid overall. Julio has been dazzling, but has not pitched well in California, albeit in just three regular season starts plus the NLDS debacle. Thursday will be his first regular season start against the Dodgers, home or away, according to Baseball Reference.

On the bright side, there are just two more games at Chavez Ravine, then it’s off to San Diego. The Pads are not a rolling ball of butcher knives. Then it’s up to Seattle, where the Mariners are five games under .500. They’re nine over on the road. So at worst, the Braves leave LA 2.5 games out.

Let’s hope they leave with a new relief pitcher and a new backup outfielder. We shall see. So many teams are shopping, presumably pushing up prices, that I’m not sure Wren will do anything. And that might be smart. I don’t think it’s worth trading a good prospect for a middle reliever who’ll be around the rest of this season. Sounds like Liberty might not be keen on adding payroll, anyway, so FW could be somewhat hamstrung. Bullpen and bench pieces could be critical in getting this team to the postseason, but it’s hard to envision a realistic move that would truly make the Braves a serious threat to win a World Series. Add Cole Hamels, which of course won’t happen because of his contract. Even that wouldn’t guarantee the division.

Not to give up. I think this club has a decent shot at making the playoffs. No lineups posted as we’re still more than five hours from first pitch, which I probably won’t see. If I watch one inning, I’ll watch at least five or six. And as much as I hate waking up not knowing what the Braves did– which happens only when they’re on the West Coast–I need sleep.

No Jay Hey tonight — Jordan Schafer, who got his first hit in July last night, starts in RF and bats 8th behind Andrelton. Otherwise, the line-up remains the same:

BK, LaStella, Freddie, Justin, Gattis, CJ, Andrelton, Schafer, Wood





5 thoughts on “Open Thread, July 30, #Braves vs. Donald Sterlings

  1. I thought I dreamed that pickoff, it was so bad. That should do it for Schafer. He’s gotta go.

  2. Great start for Wood…shame they couldn’t win that game for him. Didn’t see about Schafer getting picked off at second, that is pretty bad.

  3. BK has 7 K’s in the two games against the Dodgers, and considering he’w worse against lefties, and the best southpaw in the game is toiling tonight for the Dodgers, I’d expect him to reach double figures for the series. No question he’ll shatter Uggla’s record, set last year, for strikeouts by a Braves hitter ( 171). He’s only 37 K’s away.

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