The 4th Braves HOF’er

NahaGomez emailed me today with a great suggestion:

‎Isn’t it time to put Joe Torre in the Braves HOF?

Sure is.

Torre in 9 seasons as a Brave: .294 BA, .356 OBP, .462 slugging, 5 ASG’s. An interesting argument could be had ranking the Braves’ best catcher ever: Torre, Javy or McCann?

As manager: 257-229, 1 division championship.



9 thoughts on “The 4th Braves HOF’er

  1. Around 1967 or ’68, he also introduced southwest Atlanta to submarine sandwiches. He opened the Joe Torre Submarine Sandwich Shop in a little shopping center at the corner of Campbellton Road and Dodson Drive. I used to have an autographed miniature bat he handed out at the grand opening, but I tossed it after he got traded to the Cardinals and I got a full-size Orlando Cepeda at Bat Day in ’69.

  2. Unfortunately Joe Torre making the HOF was largely ignored by the Braves organization. Which makes it ironic that the 1982 division winning Braves made it on Torre’s HOF plaque. Joe Torre was a good Mgr before he went to the Yankees and it’s a shame baseball fans don’t seem to remember that.

  3. It leaves the impression that they’re upset he was a great player after they traded him, and a great manager after they fired him. But name an organization that’s never made a move it would like to take back. Get over it and give the guy his due.

  4. He’s earned the right to be in the HOF as a player alone. He’s the best catcher who has ever played for the Braves.

  5. Agree with all of the above comments. It seems that Torre gets short shrift for his three years of finishing first, second, and second. Maybe the club is still embarrassed for firing him so that could hire Eddie Haas. As far as him being the Braves best ever catcher, I would end up picking him in a close contest over McCann and Javy. Despite playing in a pitcher’s era when with the Braves, Torre had higher batting average and OBP numbers than Javy and McCann, while he comes up a close third on OPS. His tenure as a Brave truly is underrated in many aspects.

  6. As you say, Clete, Torre played in the second dead ball era, and that makes his production especially impressive. He was a pretty good catcher, too. He was just a bit better than Del Crandall. Crandall was a great defensive catcher who had good power.

    In my mind, those two stand well apart from McCann and Lopez, and I’d take Javy over Mac any day.

  7. He absolutely deserves a place in the Braves team HOF.

    I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve tried to explain to people that Torre wasn’t a career loser when the Yankees hired him. That he won with the Braves, had three really good years with the Cards (and a couple of good ones later in L.A.)

    That frequently mentioned factoid about him being a sub .500 manager before the Yankees is almost completely due to him having that pile of dogshit he had to work with in Flushing.

    To pick up on Clete’s point, the Braves “brain trust” that was in place in the ’80’s fired no less than TWO Cooperstown denizens in order to get that worthless buffoon Haas that job. If it wasn’t so painful, it would be funny.

  8. If it wasn’t for WTBS Exec Robert Wussler, Eddie Haas would have been hired in 1981 to replace Bobby. Can you just imagine the horrors of “Its a Long Way to October” with Eddie Haas as Mgr instead of Joe Torre? I think that title would have been different for that documentary on the 1982 Braves.

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