#Braves trade talk

Today may have marked the end of the Jordan Schafer experiment. His replacement could be coming from the other dugout.

Denorfia, a career .275 hitter, hasn’t done much this year, batting .245 with a meager .617 OPS. But he’d still be a significant upgrade over Schafer, who, after today, has a .158 BA and .458 OPS.

The Braves’ biggest need remains in the bullpen, and they’ve been repeatedly linked to Red Sox southpaw Andrew Miller, the former Tigers prospect who found a home in Boston’s bullpen. This year has been his best, with 65 K’s in 40 IP, a WHIP under 1 and a 2.45 ERA. The pending free agent would be a perfect fit but don’t expect a trade to happen as, according to Jayson Stark, Boston seeks a top prospect, plus a lesser prospect, in return. I wouldn’t do it, and I doubt FW will, either.

More likely: Cubs lefty James Russell or Houston southpaw Tony Sipp. The Astros reliever might be the best option of them all; Sipp has a 0.791 WHIP in 30-1/3 IP, striking out 42.

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  1. pepefreeus says:

    This would be perfect, considering that I just spent the whole weekend calling Denorfia a “worm” and comparing his face to medical textbook pictures of late term syphilis sufferers.

    Fate has a way of slapping me down like this.

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