Open Thread, July 27, #Braves vs. Focus

Fantastic Hall of Fame ceremonies today. Terrific speeches all around. To see three great Braves deliver memorable speeches, to see  the huge turnout of Braves fans, and then to watch fellow Auburn alum Frank Thomas (the first SEC player inducted) even give a War Damn Eagle — I’ll admit I have not made it through with dry eyes.

I figured the Hall doings this afternoon would not live up to the buildup. They did. Kudos to all.

So after all that, the Bravos take the field and need another W against the Pads. It’s a critical start for Minor. If he doesn’t turn it around, and soon, this will end in September. As we approach game time, the Natspos are leading and, dammit, they are on quite a roll. The only thing that marred the HOF broadcast was the scroll showing, over and over, BJ’s “streak” of striking out in 22 straight games.

He leads off today: BJ, LaStella, Freeman, Justin, Johnson, Doumit RF, Laird, Simmons, Minor.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, July 27, #Braves vs. Focus

  1. I was impressed that Joe Torre and Frank Thomas wore a jacket and tie. I have always had mixed feelings about Torre, but he respects the game.

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