Open Thread, July 25, #Braves vs. Dinesh D’Souzas


Tonight starts another crucial series for Los Bravos. With a brutal schedule looming, they almost have to take 3 of 4 from the noodle bats from San Diego. Francoeur hit fifth the other day for them! They’re hitting .216 as a team. They did beat the Cubs 13-3 last night, so they could be heating up just in time to hit Hank Aaron Drive. And they can pitch, so this series probably won’t be a string of laughers.

CB and I were at the yard last evening, along with my 4-and-a-half-year-old, so I was not completely attuned to every pitch. But a couple of ¬†observations: Gattis’s D hurt us again, and Harang could do this all year.

I hate to bash Gattis. I know he tries as hard as he can, but his defense again cost the Braves dearly on the strikeout wild pitch that allowed Ozuna to reach and eventually score the winning run. If Gattis keeps strike 3 in front of him, there are two out and nobody’s on base. If that’s the case, no way the Marllns score. So it goes. You take that with his bat. And, of course, this team desperately needs that power bat. Maybe I’m being shortsighted, but, damn, I miss Bethancourt’s defense already.

As for Harang, he turned in another excellent outing. I’m convinced he can keep it up the rest of the way.

Tonight’s lineup: BJ, LaStella, Freddie, Justin, J-Hey, Gattis, Johnson, Simmons, Wood.

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  1. Salazr2 says:

    I’d be in favor of bringing Bethancourt back as a 3rd catcher/ defensive replacement. It’s not like he could be any worse with the bat than doumit.

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