Open Thread, 7/23, #Braves vs. Janet Renos

The home nine needs this one.

Much as I hate to acknowledge it, the Natspos appear to have their shit together. And let’s face it, their rotation is formidable and the lineup is better than ours. Plus, the Braves’ schedule gets a lot saltier soon, with series against the Dodgers, Mariners, A’s and those Natspos in the near future. So it’s imperative to win a few against the Fish and the Padres, who visit this weekend. By the way, San Diego just called up the Lilburn Flash, who joins Brooks Conrad and Blaine Boyer on a woeful roster.

Back to our concerns, if Minor doesn’t regain his control soon, the 2014 Bravos are likely screwed. Man, he was bad last night. I’d leave him in the rotation for a few more starts, but if he doesn’t improve soon, you have to consider replacing him with Hale. As for tonight, Santana needs to twist up a good one, and the offense needs to be patient and timely. The history vs. tonight’s Fish hurler, Eovaldi, is ugly: a 1.86 ERA and .202 batting average against him in nine starts. But he only has two wins. And he was abysmal in his last start, so we’ll see.

Facing him tonight: BJ (122 Ks and counting, hitting .158 since the all star break), La Stella, Freeman, J Upton, Heyward, C Johnson, Laird, Simmons, Santana.






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