Open Thread, July 19, #Braves. vs. Bob Sagets

It appears Wren is through fucking around. I like it.

I also like the way the club played last night. Yeah, Freeman made an error, but the defense overall was splendid. Bethancourt’s throw might well have saved the game. J-Hey made a great catch and J-Up made a nice play in left. Plus the infield turned a nifty 3-6-4 double play, not something you see daily. Offensively, the Braves strung together a lot of excellent at-bats, many of which produced clutch hits. If they had swung from the heels at borderline pitches — too often the MO this season — they probably lose last night.

Back to Wren. If Shreve can be the lefty Shae Simmons, FW will have done much to fix the pen without giving up talent in a trade. (Strangely, AA lefties hit him better than righties, but we’ll worry about that when and if the time comes to worry about it.) In a season when so many teams are still in it and thus unwilling to deal players, even middle relievers figure to carry a heavy price on the trade market.

As for tonight’s game, facing Hamels is always a challenge. Let’s hope Harang continues to flummox opponents. Flummox might be the wrong word for a guy sporting a 1.38 WHIP. But as we all know, he’s been effective. One key: he’s given up the fewest home runs of any Braves starter with at least 10 starts — just eight circuit clouts. Beating Hamels will probably demand more of the sort of at-bats Braves hitters had last night. The line-up:

CF BJ Upton, SS Simmons, 1B Freeman, LF JUpton, RF Heyward, 3B Johnson, 2B La Stella, C Bethancourt, P Harang.



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