Open thread, 7/18, #Braves vs. the Ghost of Oafbatross

The question has come up on Twitter: Was Dan Uggla, still owed $19 mil, the worst Brave of them all? Dollar for dollar, the answer is yes, although B.J. threatens to dethrone him in the future.

Derek Lowe didn’t make as much money and, without him, the Braves don’t make the playoffs in 2010. Can’t say Uggla ever put the team on his back.

When he actually pitched, Mike Hampton was mediocre. So was Kawakami, at least during his first year.

If you exclude salary, the worst of the worst has to include: Jody Davis, who batted .161 over three seasons and had more strikeouts than total bases; Damaso Garcia, a .293 hitter with Toronto who hit .117 with the Braves and was pulled from the line-up twice for refusing to play third base; Frank LaCorte, 4-24, 6.23 ERA, 1.631 WHIP; Kevin Coffman, whose BB/9 ratio was double his K/9 — 7.4 to 3.7, good for a 1.830 WHIP; and, of course, Dan Kolb.

Welcome to the club, Dan!

On to tonight, where the Braves begin a 10-game home stand against three teams with losing records. They need to win at least 7 of these games, as the schedule toughens considerably afterward, starting with a trip to Chavez Ravine.

The line-up is a familiar one:

CF BJ Upton, SS Simmons, 1B Freeman, LF JUpton, RF Heyward, 3B Johnson, 2B La Stella, C Bethancourt, P Santana.


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 7/18, #Braves vs. the Ghost of Oafbatross

  1. I don’t know if you guys covered this already, but what’s your stance on the idea of moving Gattis to left field and letting Bethancourt catch? Would be hard to do full time because bj is owed so much money and is the best true center fielder on the roster. Gattis’ defense in left is absolutely deplorable, but will be sad to see Bethancourt’s bat no longer in regular lineup.

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