Tonight’s viewing assignment

Three new episodes of “Driven” premiere on FoxSportsSouth, with biographies of Mad Dog, Glavine and Bobby airing in succession starting at 7 p.m. EDT.

Here’s a preview:

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  1. williemontanez says:

    Good programming choice for a baseball-less night. I can’t wait for my trip up to Cooperstown for the ceremony next weekend.

  2. NahaGomez says:

    Can’t say enough how much I loved the Bobby Cox Driven. As a Braves fan who knows and appreciates what Bobby Cox did for the Braves as both GM and his two stints as Mgr,the episode last night gave everything this Braves fan would want. Bobby’s time with Yankees, first time with Braves, Bobby’s return as GM, the Smoltz trade, and of course Skips calls on the Justice 91 homer and 95 WS (also Ernies calls on Gants 93 walkoff HR and Chippers 95 walkoff against Dodgers). August 12. 1987 will always be the turning point for the Braves Organization. Cox traded Doyle Alexander to Tigers for Smoltz and Tom Glavine was called note though, Bobby didn’t draft Tom Glavine in 1984. John Mullen did. Thankfully Bobby didn’t make that long rumored Glavine trade to the Red Sox for Mike Greenwell. Great job by Fox Sports!

  3. jon3068 says:

    I’m headed over to Cooperstown next weekend too. Anyone else? Maybe we can all go for pints?

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