Open Thread, July 13, #Braves vs. Pat Sajaks

All signs are in our favor today. It’s highly unlikely Julio T. has consecutive bad starts. The Braves swung the bats like fiends yesterday, and Little Bears starter Travis Wood has been pretty bad this season. Which means it’ll probably be 2-2 going to the 9th.

It’d be really nice to coast into the break with a winning series, and as aggravating as the four-game slide was, a 12-5 run to close out the pre-break slate wouldn’t be too shabby.

Ah. Before I forget, in perhaps the most meaningless personnel news in Braves history, the Oafbatross has been suspended for today’s game only. The local organ scribe tweets that it’s apparently because the Oaf showed up at Wrigley an hour before yesterday’s game. If only he’d pull some shit that would free the Braves from having to pay him!

As if the players union would ever allow that. The Bravos called up old favorite Phil Gosselin from Buford to fill the Oaf’s roster spot. Let’s hope this lasts beyond the all star break.

Today’s lineup:  BJ, Andrelton, Freeman, Justin, J-Hey, Johnson, LaStella, Laird, Julio.


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  1. I sat by Marvin Freeman’s dad at the Blauser 3-HR game at Wrigley in ’93. Good times!

  2. Lonnie was a slightly better OF than J-Up, though they both followed circuitous routes to the ball. Hell, even Klesko was better. The real question: J-Up > or < defensively than Garret Anderson?

  3. He’s better than Anderson, and I think he’s probably better than Klesko. Not sure about Skates. CB hatched a theory–and I agree–that higher-ups at Liberty might be forcing Wren to exhaust absolutely every possible chance to get another team to pay a sliver of Uggla’s salary. If the higher-ups watched baseball, they would understand why that is futile. Let’s hope the Oaf is a former Brave soon.

  4. Willie never witnessed the defensive brilliance of Kevin Reimer. Imagine an outfielder letting a fly ball pass between his head and his glove. I don’t have to; I saw him do it and cost the Rangers a game in the old HHH Dome in Minneapolis.

  5. Tokyokie, I, too, witnessed a number of Metrodome-induced OF mishaps. The place made some OFs who were already bad look even worse. The Twins actually thought Mickey Hatcher could play OF and he provided a laugh or two (or six) with his inability to track routine fly balls.

  6. BrandX, Having seen plenty of Reimer in Arlington, when I saw he was playing LF rather than his natural position, DH, I told my friend he was good for at least one major fielding gaffe a game. He waited until the bottom of the 7th or 8th to do it, but boy, it was a doozy, turning a small Texas lead into a deficit.

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