Status quo ain’t cutting it

In Greg Walker’s final season as hitting coach for the White Sox, Alexis Rios, a career .280 hitter, batted .227. Adam Dunn hit .159 with 11 HR. Gordon Beckham, thought to be a rising star, hit .230.

The Pale Hose ranked eighth in average, seventh in OBP and 11th in OPS and runs.

Since joining the Braves, we’ve seen dramatic regressions by Uggla and B.J. And we still don’t know what to make of Jay Hey. But since Walker’s arrival, a player everyone believed was a budding superstar has taken a big step back.

Did Walker make his hitters worse? Unlikely. But can you name one who’s gotten better?

The offense is sabotaging the season and, with the regrettable contracts FW has doled out, there’s no apparent fix. They can at least bring in a different voice. Couldn’t hurt.

Kansas City fired its hitting coach May 28 and promptly increased their scoring by one run per game over the next two weeks. Two of their most promising young hitters have made big strides: Mike Moustakas has hit nearly .100 points higher since the switch and Salvador Perez had as many homers and more RBI in June than he did April and May combined.

Meanwhile, the Braves bats just keep getting colder. They aren’t even hitting homers any more, with just 1 in their last 411 AB.


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