Open Thread, July 11, #Braves vs. Rod Blagojeviches


Jake Arrieta never panned out for the Orioles but he’s been panning so far this season for the Cubs. His ERA start with a 1, and it’s not 10-something. Our boys could have their hands full. Wood’s been good too, though.

The Cubs have lost six of their last seven, which probably means nothing. BJ gets a day off:

Schafer 8, Simmons 6, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Heyward 9, Johnson 5, LaStella 4, Bethancourt 2, Wood


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Movie says:

    Paul Byrd is an embarrassment.

  2. RJR Squeeze says:

    1. Someone just hit the ball over the damn fence.

    2. At least Walgreen’s is struggling this week as well. Thank you, O’s and Phils.

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