Open thread, 7/6, #Braves vs. Dierks Bentleys

Three weeks ago, after the local nine were swept at home by the Phils, we were among those prepping eulogies for the 2014 Braves. Since then they’ve lost only three games. The Bravos are 11 games over .500 for the first time this year and, with 8 games remaining against Arizona, the Mets and the Cubs, should end the first half in first place.

A 10-game homestand against the Phils, Fish and Padres follows the ASG. By the time they get to Los Angeles July 29th the Braves stand a decent shot at being 20 games over .500.

Fredi deserves considerable credit for the turnaround. Placing B.J. and Andrelton atop the order was roundly condemned but the move has given this offense an undeniable jump start. I’m still a tad skeptical, as the Braves have gotten fat off of bad pitching, but it’s working.

In the meantime, I’d love to see FW follow Billy Beane’s example and be bold. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the prospects to swing, for example, a deal for David Price. Adding a lefty reliever and a bat off the bench is more realistic.




One thought on “Open thread, 7/6, #Braves vs. Dierks Bentleys

  1. This winning streak coincides with Gattis’ injury. Fredi deserves some credit, but his hand has been guided mostly by circumstances. With Gattis and Uggla out of the lineup our strikeout totals have declined; we have been winning without home-runs, by making contact and putting the ball in play. It is interesting to observe how many opposing teams really are not that good defensively.

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