4 HR’s … and another loss

Twenty eight years ago today Bob Horner provided one of the few highlights of another lost summer.


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  1. I can’t believe this game was played almost 30 years ago! Horners 4 Home Runs was a very nice break from an otherwise quite depressing 1986 season.
    Bob Horner was the best hitter I have ever seen and I’ve seen some great hitters in my lifetime. I was at a game in 1982 at Fulton County Stadium sitting about 10 rows above the Braves dugout along the 1st base line. I will never forget the home run Horner hit that landed in the blue left field seats on that Sunday afternoon. I had a great perspective of Horners short compact swing from my seat when he clocked a fastball down the left field line – a rope line drive home run that was in the outfield seats in like 2 or 3 seconds. I still remember the sharp “POP” from his bat…
    Thank you for posting the game! I’m planning to watch the entire video this afternoon…

  2. I remember that summer of discontent well. The team was 5 over .500 at 41-36 and somewhat fun to watch. Then Ted took them off live TV for three weeks to broadcast the Goodwill Games. Once the team re-emerged on our sets in late July, they were more than 10 under .500.

  3. I remember watching Horner hit a home run in the Astrodome (not an easy park to hit one in) that left the yard quicker than any other I’ve seen. It was just inside the left-field foul pole and still rising when it bounced off a seat in the third deck.

    The wire-service account the next day described the blast as being just fair and barely reaching the seats.

  4. Due to the beginning of The Goodwill Games,this game was shown on tape delay. I remember hearing about Horners four homer game on the 5 o’clock news.

  5. “The team was 5 over .500 at 41-36 and somewhat fun to watch.”

    Indeed. I was thinking we were reemerging after the wretched ’85 season and would be back to the (mostly) contending form we had been in from ’80 to ’84.

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